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CUSTOM ORDER - Beacon of Love - Long Version

CUSTOM ORDER - Beacon of Love - Long Version

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Measuring 7 1/2 x 11 inches, this memorial plaque is the perfect size to place in a special spot that holds significance to your family.


Blue Heaven/Rainbow/no frame around wording/Custom Poem: 

A beacon of love, strength, and wisdom, you
Whose unwavering support and kindness touched countless hearts.
Though her physical presence may be gone,
Her spirit lives on in our hearts and memories forever.

From the moment she entered this world,
She was a guiding light, a rock, and a source of unwavering love.
Her nurturing embrace was a safe haven,
And her gentle words of wisdom shaped lives.

She taught us compassion, empathy, and resilience,
Her selflessness knew no bounds, her sacrifices never unnoticed.
In the face of challenges, she smiled with encouragement,
Her strength inspired perseverance with grace.

Her love shines like a beacon, guiding us through life,
Instilling confidence to chase dreams and embrace potential.
Today, we express deepest gratitude for all she was,
A hero, confidante, and greatest source of joy.

Her love is cherished beyond measure,
For she was the most amazing mother,
Whose love is big and never-ending.

Natural tumbled rock photo slate is specifically designed to frame and enhance full color photographs in a stunning and natural presentation. With an earthly elegance of tumbled rock, each piece is handcrafted with chiseled imperfect edges to make each one unique and special. Display easels (feet) included

Photos:  uncropped and high resolution photos work best.

*Please note this is a natural product.  Corners may not always be squared.

*Please double check your order. We are not responsible for buyers errors.

Colors may be slightly different once printed due to monitors vary in color calibration.

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